FUTURE Intl Freight Services Co

FUTURE International Freight Services Company was established by a group of shipping professionals on 2002. Which was authorized by Jordanian Ministry of Commerce, Jordanian Ministry of transport , Jordan Maritime Authority, Jordanian Civil Aviation Authority & Amman Chamber of Commerce
F.I.F.S.CO an International freight forwarding agent specialized in handling both airfreight and sea freight also land consignments to/from Jordan to various destination worldwide at competitive rates.
F.I.F.S.CO has an experienced staffs whom can handle various types of cargoes and work with highest performance to provide a reliable and excellent service.
F.I.F.S.CO keep a good relationship with air & ocean carriers in Jordan, based on big volume cargoes that have earned us a professional reputation trusting in us.
F.I.F.S.CO main market is to offer import / export service to the clients. We provide all the inbound sea/air & land services including all the local formalities and handling in Aqaba port & Queen Alia intl airport (AMM) - and Amman Customs ( for the land
transportation ) , even we provide full package of logistic service..
We are in F.I.F.S.Co. believed that our strong operation set up in logistics, sales as well as administration could succeed in supplying client’s needs and to satisfy our agents.

هاتف   : هاتف : 5627258 6 00962
fac   : فاكس : 5627259 6 00962
الدولة الأردن,, Amman
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Services Offered

• Air Freight Export
• Air Freight Import
• Sea Freight export
• Sea Freight Import
• Land transportation
• Custom Brokerage
• Local Trucking Activity
• Warehousing/Distribution
• Custom Clearance
• Insurance
• Door to Door service
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